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My Extraordinary, Ordinary Life

I went to About Time with my friend the other day, assuming that it would be a scintillating tale based on the fact that the creators of Love Actually (one of my very favourite films) had made it and also that Bill Nighy was a featured cast member. I wasn’t disappointed. I am actually not writing this to critique the movie at all, so don’t worry, I won’t spoil it for you.

India and All its Colours

India will teach you about colour. Sometimes designers are afraid of colour or too much colour, but in India everything is vibrant. It is an assault to the senses in every way. Both art and design in India are all about embellishment and holding nothing back. Although I prefer simple and clean design, there is something to be said for holding nothing back and pushing the limits.

London Calling

About a month ago I was able to spend a week in London, one of the most inspiring cities in the world. It is impossible to see everything there in a week, but my imagination was captivated by the small amount that I saw. The contrast of centuries of history and modern design is an unbelievable sight to behold. London is a city that holds so many stories and endless amounts of culture.