Archives for October 2014


Creating The Story

GENESIS When our creative team originally started talking about the Story sermon series for Westside Church, we had no idea how we were going to execute the artwork. We wanted it to reflect the idea that we are all part of a grander story than our own— God’s story. His story has been in motion since the beginning of time. It spans from creation to eternity, so the question was: “How do you communicate that in one image?” How do you communicate the idea that God handcrafted us for His glory and that He has been telling His story in and through our lives for centuries?

Rudy Giuliani & The Art of Leadership

Last week I had the privilege of attending The Art Of conference on leadership. There were many fantastic speakers, but it was particularly interesting to get to attend Rudy Giuliani’s talk on his experience as a leader. His list of achievements is extensive and one thing became crystal clear; Rudy Giuliani is a leader in business, government and life. I have never really followed his journey closely and I am sure he has made decisions over his time in leadership that I may disagree with, but the six principles of leadership that he laid out for the throng of conference goers rang true.