Little Battles

When my alarm goes off in the morning I do not spring out of bed with enthusiasm, rather, I feel more hatred toward that obnoxious, patronizing sound than any other sound in existence. There is a literal battle that goes on within myself that looks something like this: “Just another 5 minutes.” “No! You have to get up!” “But I can totally get ready in 20 minutes.” “No you can’t.” “I totally can, I’ll just hurry.” Anyone who knows me knows that I cannot, in fact, get ready in 20 minutes.

Big Fat Failure

Sometimes I find myself trying really hard to avoid failure. I want all the things I do to be awesome! But don’t we all? I think it’s mostly because I hate how I feel when I fail. It brings up all sorts of emotions and unearths all sorts of selfishness that I had an inkling was lurking below the surface, but I was ignoring it.

The Hobbit House

Well guys, we can all breathe easy, the Hobbit House is safe! I have to admit that when I saw the signs go up for the King Edward Greens development my heart sank a little bit. I assumed they were going to tear the creepy iconic Hobbit House down and I would no longer see the busses of tourists gawking at it’s quirky roof and magical lamp post, but in an act of compassion for this beloved little house, the Vancouver city council approved a re-zoning proposal (see more here).